How I Conquered PTSD to live a life that truly matters by helping others


Go back to the book, pages 157 - 160. Whether you are making the military your career, or you are going to leave at some point in time, you will need to define and hone your skills.

You’ve read Part 9 in Chapter One about how I prepared myself for the civilian world once I’d made the decision that I would not re-enlist for another term in the Army. I was finished with it and I was now preparing to create a new life for myself.

While I was still in, I did that Marketing Certificate through International Correspondence Schools, studying at night and on weekends to complete it in preparation for March 1972 when I was to take my discharge.

The question I’d had to ask myself is, what skills do I have that are marketable. Go to pages 71 - 74, because it was the process of defining them, and how they can be applied in the process of job search and relating their value to a potential employer.

Beat PTSD Book
Beat PTSD Book

Beat PTSD Book

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The book will give you a complete roadmap to take back control of life by showing you how to conquer PTSD so it no longer controls your life, to then implement the 5 Step Life Plan with the 7 Pillars to Success.

When you do this, no matter what your current circumstance, you will be able to live the life you want for you and your loved ones. One of fulfillment, true happiness, success in the truest sense of the word, to live the life of your dreams and aspirations, whatever that might be for you.