How I Conquered PTSD to live a life that truly matters by helping others


‘Success Does Not Come To You - You Go To It’

I found this on a magnet in a second hand junk shop, and immediately bought it. It doesn’t acknowledge the originator of it, and I’ve not gone looking for it, but, to me, it was profound.

It is now on the door of my refrigerator, so I see it many times a day.

When you look at the achievements of the world’s most successful people there are a number of things they have in common. The first thing that strikes me about most of them is they have immense vision. There are no boundaries to their imagination.

They have such vivid imaginations, and their visions seemed to be burned into their minds and brains. There is no such thing as can’t. It seems not to be in their vocabulary. Theydon’t know of anything that can’t be done. There’s always a way around whatever it is that may appear to be a stumbling block.

If they find they’re not able to figure out what that is, they invariably go and find someone who can.

Sir Richard Branson is an absolute master at this. He realizes it’s not possible for him to be all things to any business he has.

When you look at so many other successful people, passion is one good word to describe them. They are passionate about what they do.

From a soldier’s perspective, I’d suggest we could relate to Sir Richard Branson because of the way he comes across and the amazing adventurous life he’s led. The things he’s attempted that have been capable of taking his life if it all turned to shit. We can relate to that because we’ve been in that situation too.

From my experience, one of the things that I now hold to be true, is that when things change, and it’s not what you want and diverts you from your path, you then have to change things too.

Success is not an accident - Over time I’m going take you further into this. You will meet some amazing people, with amazing stories.

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Beat PTSD Book

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