How I Conquered PTSD to live a life that truly matters by helping others


Whatever the answer is for you, it’s a decision. You need to be organised and prepared.

If you are going to make the military your career, you could go to Step 3. But think about this....what if something were to happen that changed that?

You’ve decided you are going to leave.

If your decision is that you are going to leave the military at some point in time, you’ll need to be aware of this and keep it at the forefront of your mind, your thinking, and your decision making:

The military is a unique community within the wider community.

The civilian world is very, very different, and it is imperative for your future wellbeing, and your family’s wellbeing that you prepare yourself for it.

It doesn’t have the disciplines, the defined structures, nor the regimentation, nor the certainties, nor your mates, and no one’s got your back.

Transitioning from the military community to the civilian community and reintegrating into civilian life does not have to be a problem, as long as you do your homework and know what to expect.

Research, and on a global basis, shows that the transition from the military community into the civilian world, for many is, and has been, a bit of a mine field.

Go to the Resources Section of the website to find out about transition services. Very seriously consider the 7P’s.

If you are married and have children, even more so, because it isn’t just you leaving the military, it’s your family too.
Just think about that for a moment. But also think about what I said above, the pressure from family like mums and dads, parents-in-law and the like.

Be careful, because it’s imperative that you and your immediate family make decisions that are well informed, well researched, best for you and them, and not, repeat, not for outside family.


They can have the best of intentions, and it may not be apparent at the time, either to you or to them, but experience shows from research, it’s their fear for your future that says you should stay close by to them so they can help you out if this happens.

Use the Resources Section to find the services within the military to help you prepare for transition back into the civilian community.

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Beat PTSD Book

Beat PTSD Book

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